//  Origin:  Vancouver
//  Genres:  Indie, Pop, Alternative
//  Years Active:  1990-Present
//  Website:  briceluther.com

Brice Luther is a Vancouver singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and mixer. His new EP, "Freedom Always Wins (It's What The People Want)" is now available online for download and streaming. Working from his home studio in Vancouver, Canada, Brice writes, arranges, performs, records and mixes music that exudes a distinctive, alternative pop flavour with a funk influence. Although "Freedom Always Wins (It's What The People Want)" is his first debut commercial release, Brice has been writing songs and performing since 1990. His interest in the concept of the home studio as an instrument itself has become a prime influence in his approach to songwriting and production. With the goal of releasing a full length album of original music by 2018 and forming a new band to perform his songs in a live band format, he hopes "Freedom Always Wins (It's What The People Want)" will become a success from which to build on.